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Delamere Loop Bridleway

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This is a 35km (22 mile) circular route for horse riders following bridleways,  minor roads and permissive access routes. It includes part of the Whitegate Way, Delamere Forest, Primrosehill Wood and Little Budworth Country Park.

This long distance route was also devised by Mid Cheshire Bridleways and is waymarked by blue and white signs. It is largely on fairly  flat ground with gentle hills in the west area.

The route comprises some 19km (12miles) of surfaced roads (mostly without verges), the southern and western parts of the route comprising most of the road work. The rest of the route is mainly ‘off road’ along public rights of way and permissive routes.

Please use the Countryside Code

For safety, it is recommended that you carry a mobile phone and wear high visibility clothing. Please be aware of potential hazards such as rabbit holes or mole hills.

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